quarta-feira, 7 de julho de 2021

Was John boasting when he wrote referring to himself as the "disciple whom Jesus loved"? He would have been if he had said, "disciple who loved Jesus". He was conscious that he was nothing but a source of emptiness, that he couldn't love Him first, he couldn't save himself.

Why do those people hate me? Because they love being seen as a source, they love hearing lies like, "Your music has saved me, it's changed my life!". Really? So why are you the ones getting the glory if there is any truth in what you say, what they say? You've got relevant things to speak and still they make you ashamed of Jesus and His true words? Poor Jesus, they've discovered that the only Source is a lie and they don't want to share their "glory" with Him.

The truth is they can't let go of their false selves and pathetic world.

Cheap souls take his offer to make them "special" in it.

Então se acham sem terem buscado Ninguém.